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What type of file do I get when buying your models.
STL, when you buy one of our models you get several STLs with different thicknesses.
how to change the model to a specific scale

We have prepared a video with subtitles which explains how to modify our models in the following link: Clic Here

Do you send the models to my email?
once the payment has been made in PayPal, the system enables the download in my account / download
How do I register
In https://www.3dprintable.shop/my-account/ enter your email in Register and your password will be sent to your email address.
do not forget to change your password in my account / account details.
Why should I register?

When you register you can make purchases in our store, and access your downloads in my account / download
remember to change your password once you register

My printer is resin, not filament, will I have a problem printing?
no, all designs are optimized to be printed on any type of printer
What should I do if the email with the password does not arrive
  • If you have made a purchase, write to us at info@3dprintable.shop
  • If you have not made any purchase please use another email such as Gmail or yahoo
I can request a model that they do not have in the catalog

Yes, fill out the following form Click Here